Frame Types

Choosing the perfect pair of glasses should be a fun and rewarding experience! 
Here at Vision Care Curaçao we provide a large variety of models for your face.

Are you looking for a bold look, a full-rim metal frame, a minimalism rimless frame, or do you want something in-between?

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Plastic Frames

Manufacturers use several types of plastic to make frames, including zylonite, nylon blends, and castor seed oil.

These are the most common for being affordable and with a large variety of colors, at the cost of quality and weak against sunlight, specially in Curaçao.

Metal Frames

An upgrade from Plastic Frames.

The price of Metal Frames varies depending on the material used, they can be as affordable plastic frames with the pros of being a higher quality and corrosion-resistant, or less affordable with lightweight materials.

Full-Rimmed Frame

If a bold style is what you’re looking for, full-rimmed eyeglass frames may be your best option. These frames fully enclose your lenses with the material, offering a sturdy-yet-stylish pair of glasses.

Semi-Rimless Frame

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, semi-rimless eyeglass frames may be the best choice for you. These hybrid frames bring together the minimalism of rimless frames with the full-rim durability.

Rimless Frame

Rimless eyeglass frames are the best choices for those who favor a minimal look and feel. Lightweight and modern, rimless glasses offer plenty of style without taking over your face.

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